About Us

Our Story

We began our independent insurance services in Charleston, South Carolina in 2005 with a mission to honor God in all business practices and provide a workplace where employees can grow personally and professionally in a family-friendly environment focused on putting customers' needs first.

With a continued commitment to honor God, Pilothouse Insurance believes in putting "people" before "policies" meaning listening to our customers' needs is more important than making sales. Discovering insurance needs and letting our customers decide what coverage options are important to them is our approach to friendly service.  

So why the name Pilothouse?

In nautical terms, a "pilothouse" refers to the helm of a ship, the control deck, the place where charts are reviewed, destinations are plotted and courses are set. Metaphorically, our services are similar because we review coverages, discover needs, and plot a course for meeting those needs with proper insurance protection. Therefore, the name "Pilothouse" was chosen for branding our services to help people navigate their insurance needs. 

"Let's Journey Together"

Our Mission

Help people navigate their insurance needs and honor God in all business practices.

Why Us

✔ No Agency Fees | $0 - Our goal is save people money and it doesn't make sense to charge fees to do it. That’s why we don't charge agency fees for any service we provide.

✔ Affordability - Although maintaining ample insurance coverage is important, so is saving money. As an independent insurance agency we represent many different insurance companies offering many programs. This provides an advantage over others for finding competitive rates. Our goal is to find low rates and keep them affordable long term for our clients.

✔ Simplicity - We take the hassle out of finding the right price and protection because we do the work for you. Simply answer a few questions and we'll do the rest.

✔ Accountability -  Insurance is about protecting people and property, not selling policies. We are committed to serving people with honesty and integrity.

✔ Stewardship - Our staff cares about the people they serve. We are dedicated to lending outreach support with charitable giving back to the community. Together we can make a difference! 

"Let's Journey Together"